How to get Rid of Fine Lines in 3 months or less!

Is it really possible to reverse fine lines on the face? Absolutely! Fine lines don’t have to permanent.

Why We Age & Why we Don't have to !

Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It is the armour that protects our internal world from the external world. It has a language of its own and is constantly communicating with us by showing us visual changes on its surface. Skin problems manifest because there is something happening inside the body that reflects in our outward appearance. Fine lines are one of these changes and the message is clear that the skin is dehydrated. 

Most of us when we hear the word dehydration we think lack of water and yes, you would be correct. However the lack of water is only part of the story. The effects of what the lack of water does to the skin cell are a little more complex.

“It’s not about perfection. It’s about effort and when you bring that effort into every single day that’s where transformation happens”

The skins moisture naturally begins to diminish early in life. After age 30, up to 25 percent is lost and by the age of 40 as much as 50 percent is lost.

Nutrition is quickly mirrored by skin health. Beverages we drink, our hormones and our lifestyle are some of the key influencers in maintaining the hydration levels in our body.

Jackie’s recommended products: Gingkosome Serum + AM/PM Hydrating Moisturiser

“Be Amazing Today But First Moisturise”

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