Tips for Beautiful Eyes

Go Easy on Salt!

We all know that salt retains fluid. It’s not only the salt we sprinkle on our food though.  Salt is cleverly hidden in most fast foods, pre-packaged foods, canned foods, snacks, cured meats even the old favourite Tomato sauce!

An Eye Opening Experience!

Little Scary Fact #1

Some Chinese Takeout contains as much salt as five Big Macs! So Jackie’s takeaway here is choose your foods wisely and add your own salt for flavour.

Get more ZZZZZZZ’s: Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

  • Stop drinking caffeine at least six hours before bed
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal before bed
  • Put away your electronic devices
  • Practicing some relaxation techniques before bed
  • Treat yourself to some good cotton sheets with a high thread count….
  • That delicious glass of wine might make you sleepy but it will also disrupt your sleep. For some of us alcohol raises our body temperature while we sleep and makes for a long night staring at the ceiling!

Dehydration: The Silent Deficiency

Believe it or not water is one of the most effective ways of preventing the fluid build up that causes puffiness. Staying hydrated helps the body to flush toxins and prevents it from “Stock Piling” fluid.  Your under eye area will swell if your body is dehydrated. This is because it is desperately trying to retain water.

Little Scary Fact #2

When you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. Don’t Wait!


Although Alcohol is a liquid it dehydrates the body. When you are dehydrated the skin under your eyes becomes flabby and weak, causing bags to form. Limit alcohol and if you do have a drink, drink double the amount in water to keep you hydrated.


If you are a coffee drinker remember it, I Sometimes I go hours without drinking coffee. It’s called sleeping.

Give Cucumber a Chance!

Cold compresses on the eye will help to constrict the vessels and reduce the puffiness. Cold Cucumber slices are the old tried and tested method of reducing puffiness. Cucumber is rich in antioxidants which are great for reducing irritation the cold is very effective in reducing under eye swelling.


Jackie’s Tip:

Cut your cucumber slices very thin and store them flat in the freezer. The thinner they are the more you can mould them around the eye for maximum benefit.

Apply an Eye Cream that is especially for Eye Puffiness. They are lighter in texture, cooling, absorb more effectively and are full of vitamins (vit K) and antioxidants that help to strengthen the little blood vessels around the eye. (Dr Schwab Puff Away Eye Gel, Dr Schwab Eye Intensive Moisturiser).  Remember to Exfoliate and Mask Girl! Exfoliating around the eye will free the skin of dead skin cell build up and make the eye look fresher and brighter. Clay masks (Dr Schwab Brightening Mask) in particular are very good for a non aggressive exfoliation. A good mask should have a clay base and have ingredients that help to constrict the little blood vessels that cause the puffiness.

It is also important to to move; Movement & exercise stimulates circulation. It oxygenates our blood and feeds our cells and strengthens our blood vessels. This is so beneficial for not only maintaining healthy skin all over our bodies but especially around our eyes.


For those of you that do smoke are not going to like this but Smoking has the opposite effect to exercise. It creates a toxic environment in our cells and damages our precious collagen and elastin.

 Jackie’s Tip:

Load up on your antioxidants. Supplements like Vit C, Vit A, Omegas and Grape Stem Cells will help fight the “Free Radicals” which are the toxins that attack our skin cells. The better the health our skin cells the more opportunity they have to protect themselves and protect our precious collagen and elastin from being damaged further.

“I’m so stylish even my Eye Bags are designer”

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