Pigmentation caused by Genetics and Ethnicity

If you are of Middle Eastern heritage you have a genetic predisposition to darker pigment in the skin and particularly under the eye area. This is a very common issue for people with darker skin types and more challenging to treat.

Very Important First Step!!

All skin colours are predisposed to hyper pigmentation (Overproduction of melanin in our skin). We incorrectly presume that just because someone is darker in skin colour that they are protected from exposure to the damaging effects of UV. Unfortunately this is not true. A person with darker skin may not burn like someone with whiter skin but they are just as vulnerable to sun damage in the form of dark patches (Pigmentation) so it is as important for this skin type to use a UV protection to prevent the area from becoming more pigmentated from further exposure to UV damage. This will not get rid of the darkness but it will certainly prevent it from getting worse and is a very IMPORTANT first step!

To be perfectly honest this genetic pigmentation is almost impossible to eliminate. However, preventing it from becoming a more serious problem is very achievable and highly recommended. The following tips for treating and preventing further eye discolouration from pigmentation in this blog will be a step in the right direction.

Little Scary Fact

When you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. Don’t Wait!

Try this “At Home” Mini Salon treatment

Body Connection Dermal Roller

Introduce this “Miracle” gentle home rolling to you night routine. Benefits include, increased lymphatic drainage to remove toxins from the eye area, improves blood flow bringing fresh oxygenated blood to the surrounding tissues, strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, increases collagen and elastin production which will help to strengthen the surface layers of the skin and finally will increase the absorption of the active ingredients in your eye creams to penetrate 90% more effectively for the absolute best results.

Jackie’s recommended products: Gingkosome Serum + AM/PM Hydrating Moisturiser for dehydrated Skin

Jackie’s 4 “MUST HAVE” Products for Beautiful Eyes!

Dr Schwab Light Skin Renewal Moisturiser: An advanced age defying moisture that lightens age spots for a brighter more even looking complexion. It safety and effectively reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation with its main lightening ingredient “Hexylrescorcinol”.

Dr Schwab Brightening Mask: created to brighten and strengthen the skin of the face and neck but can be used safely around the eye area also. The exfoliating action of the lactic acid and the adhering action of the clay lifts the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin without any aggression, leaving the skin fresh, hydrated and glowing.

Dr Schwab Puff Away Eye Gel: The combination of Dr Schwab Apple Stem Cells plus Vitamin K and peptides help to constrict the little blood vessels that are also associated with this type of discolouration under the eye.

Dr. Schwab Eye Intensive Moisturiser:

A beautiful peptide enriched eye cream with its own unique Peptide called Palmitoyl Pentapeptide 3. This amazing peptide is the power house for increased cell turnover and tissue regeneration.

Clinical Trials Results

Clinical Trials were performed with 20 Volunteers. They used the “Puff Away eye Gel” and the Eye Intensive Moisturiser twice a day for 28 days. The results showed:

A decrease in wrinkle depth by 15%

The Good Wrinkle Experts

It Stimulated Wrinkle fighting collagen by 117%

The Devoted Collagen Crafters

Increased Firming Collagen by 357%

Consutlation Image

Skillful Moisture Artisans

Increased Moisture Holding capacity by 267%

Dynamite Skin Texture

Improved Skin Texture by 16%

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