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Puffiness and Dark Circles are the two most common problems that clients ask me about. They share similarities but are very different in how we treat them. For instance Puffiness can be the result of fluid or fat. As we age the support structures around the muscles and tissues of the eye weaken. Dark circles are caused by the thinning of the skin because of this loss of collagen and elastin. However eye puffiness can also happen as part of this natural aging process because of weakening of the structures around the eye area which leads to fluid build up.

How Can we tell if the puffiness is from fluid or fat?

By pressing on the area lightly you will see if the skin around the puffiness is soft and indents as you put pressure on it. Fat tends to be more solid when pressed. This normal fat that helps to support the structures of the eye can move into the lower eye lids as we age and it tends to be more solid.

So why is the important?

The treatments and product recommendations for eye puffiness and dark circles are very different. When treating puffiness the focus is on lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage to eliminate fluid and promote drainage. The product recommendations will have ingredients that will support fluid drainage and strengthening the capillaries around the eye area to prevent further build up of fluid. (Vit K) When treating Dark Circles we focus more on stimulating collagen and elastin to promote new skin. The treatments are designed to stimulate new cell growth and the product recommendation will include peptides and Vitamin C

What Causes those Puffy Eyes?

Puffy Eyes are caused by the natural aging process where the structures around the eye become weakened and fluid build up results.  However lifestyle factors also have a huge impact on fluid build up that result in puffiness also.

So let’s explore some of its main causes:

You Didn’t Sleep Well Last Night!

Sleep is essential for our good health and in particular for our skin. When we sleep our bodies seizes the opportunity to repair and heal itself by releasing toxins and cleaning out our cells. Lack of sleep disrupts this process which can have us wake up in the morning with fluid around the eyes. Lack of sleep also weakens the muscles around the eye.

Feeling Salty!

We all know that salt causes fluid retention in the body. Our eyes are no different.

It’s Allergy Season!

Allergies such as hay fever release chemical called histamine. This leads to inflammation and swelling in the skin around the eyes leading you to rub your eyes more resulting in further fluid build up. Allergies can also be caused by foods and certain creams.

You Overdid It At Happy Hour!

Not drinking enough water or drinking too much alcohol can also result in puffy eyes as your body tries to hold on to as much water as possible. Alcohol causes dehydration in the body and makes your eyes dry too.




As we age the support structures (membrane) around the eyes becomes weaker and thinner. The fatty tissue in the eye socket that is held in place by this membrane moves causing the fat to push down resulting in puffiness and bags under the eyes

You’re Stuffed Up!

There are other reasons why you may have fluid build-up around the eye. Genetics, health challenges such as Thyroid Eye disease. (Thyroid eye disease is a condition in which the eye muscles, eyelids, tear glands, and fatty tissue behind the eye become inflamed) Needless to say sun exposure is also a culprit because of its ability to breakdown collagen and elastin in our skin. Our eyes are no different. Hence the importance of always using a good sunscreen and wearing eye protection at all times.

When we cry we tend to make a lot of tears. The volume overwhelms the drainage system causing tears to spill out of the eyes and nose. As the body works to reabsorb the liquid it retains some in the tissues under the eyes making the eye area puffy.
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