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Bio Oxygen Therapy

Why we love this Facial Treatment

Oxygen is incredibly regenerative. For years it has been used to treat other skin ailments such as bums, wounds, and even gangrene. Without the help of oxygen, these conditions would never be able to heal on their own.

Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can’t survive in an atmosphere that is rich in oxygen. With that, oxygen helps the skin heal properly and without infection. Oxygen also arms the skin with the tools it needs to more effectively heal itself. With the help of concentrated oxygen, the skin functions optimally which also makes it look more vibrant and youthful.

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Most frequent questions and answers

It is an amazing facial that breathes life into your skin with a no needle oxygen injection therapy.

The treatment is simple; the Bio-oxygen facial treatment gently pushes oxygen and Dr Schwabs high performance cosmetic formulations deep into the skin via a no needle injection(pressurised jet of oxygen) which is totally pain free. At the same time the skin is tightenedand actually regenerated with collagen active ingredients. Bio-oxygen provides safeand effective no needle oxygen therapy treatments for many conditions and gets a much deeper product penetration then a standard facial.

It is an amazing treatment for everyone really but the key benefits are:

  • Boosting your normal facial by improving penetration of products so you see results faster
  • Reduction of fine line and re-wrinkles
  • Injecting some life into  a dull smokers skin
  • Improving blood circulation in the skin to give the face more colour and an improved complexion.
  • Increases moisture levels in the skin
  • Increases skin plumpness
  • Detoxifies skin
  • Accelerates healing so it’s good for an acne skin
  • Stimulates collagen production

Even after one treatment your skin will look much more youthful and vibrant. But a course of six treatments with one treatment every four weeks can reduce wrinkle depth and improve your overall skin health drastically.

No the treatments is very comfortable and most people find it very relaxing. There is absolutely no down time with this treatment your skin will look radiant immediately afterwards.

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