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Derma Home Rolling

Micro Needling Versus Dermal Rolling

What’s the difference?

Both Treatments are essentially different methods of the same thing.

Derma home rolling uses a paint brush like tool with tiny needles. This tool is manually rolled across the face to help with the absorption of serums and to stimulate collagen and elastin. Because the needle length of the Home roller is shorter it allows for the treatment to be done nightly without irritation.

Professional Micro-Needling treatment provides a more advanced form of treatment. The needles are longer and penetrate deeper into the skin creating a more aggressive response.

Whatever method you choose bear in mind that this treatment has been nicknamed the “Saving Grace” for Skin Rejuvenation because of its ability to smooth skin texture, target enlarged pores, acne scars, and firming loose skin

Benefits Of "At Home Dermal Rolling"

Putting needles in your skin sounds like something a doctor should do, so when it comes to at home micro needling  (Little puncture wounds on your skin) why go for the home version? Well..!


Client can be more consistent with her home treatments


Home Rolling is gentler on the skin because the needle length is smaller (0.2mm, .03mm)


Home Rolling allows deeper penetration of the active ingredients in skin care products on a daily basis. (Serums and moisturisers)

No "Down Time"

There is no “Down Time” with At home rolling.You continue with your routine at Home, Genius!!

Note from Jackie

Skin penetrability is a good thing if you’re introducing skin healthy ingredients but it means you have to be extra careful about the products you use. One of the biggest concerns with home rolling is introducing ingredients that were never designed to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

Derma Home Rolling Whats the Secret?

"Powerful and effective good ingredients that's what you should look for in your serum"

Jackie O' Brien

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Derma Home Rolling Directions

Dermarolling is a home treatment that has the ability to stimulate our own natural collagen through the application of miniature needles on the skin. These miniature needles also create microchannels which allow for your recommended serum to penetrate more deeply.

Step 1

First, cleanse your skin thoroughly with an oil free cleanser. Remove your cleanser with a clean cotton facecloth or sponges. The skin must be completely clean and dry with no residue of cleanser.

Step 2

Holding your roller like you would a pen (Lightly with your thumb and finger and roll gently on the skin applying gentle pressure.

Step 3

Begin the rolling process by doing passes in an upward, sideways, and then diagonal direction. It is important not to go over the same area more than six passes before moving to a different area. Continue with your rolling until you cover the whole face and neck area.

Step 4

When you finish your skin should look slightly pink and flushed.

Step 5

Apply your recommended serum. The skin will tingle for a few minutes. This is normal.

Step 6

Apply a hydrating moisturiser 3-4 mins after your serum.

Step 7

In the morning continue with your daily skin care routine which must include a hydrating serum and a moisturiser with a UV protection.

Some areas (forehead, lip, and temples) are more sensitive than others. Adjust your pressure when working on these areas.

If tiny blood spots appear it means that your pressure was too firm. Do not worry you have not done anything wrong. Just know that it is not necessary to draw blood to get an amazing result.

Note from Jackie

There is no doubt that this treatment will produce great results. However you must be patient but know that every time you use your Derma Home Roller you are creating healthy radiant skin that will defy the hands of time!

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