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Micro Derma Needling

What is Micro Derma Needling?

Micro Derma Needling’s correct name is Natural Collagen Induction Therapy or Transdermal Delivery. It creates small channels into the deep layers of the skin, which break up the old collagen strands and stimulate the creation of new ones.  

How Does It Work?

Thousands of micro channels are created in the skin to trigger new collagen production.

Natural serums, oils and preparations are applied immediately after Micro Derma Needling. 

The products used significantly aid the treatment’s success as the skin’s ability to soak up nutrients increases by whooping 3000% for an hour after the treatment!!  

The Healing Process

As the epidermis is only punctured, it heals quickly.  However, the skin as a whole undergoes a three-staged healing process after Micro Derma Needling, and because of this slightly more lengthy process, the full results of the treatment can take up to one to fully show.  Over a 3 to 6 month period, the skin repairs itself naturally, and gradually, the skin’s appearance improves dramatically.  It is recommended that, for optimum results, you have three separate treatments spaced out 4-6 weeks apart. Although it is still beneficial to have a one-off treatment, it will still give results, just obviously not as significant or as good, as having the two or three in the specified time period.

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Why Micro Derma Needling?
"This Facial Needs No Reason, Is Its Own Reason.”

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Most frequent questions and answers

By the time we are 35, we will have lost half the collagen (the ‘scaffolding’ of the skin) in our skin and elastin (which gives our skin its elasticity). Quite simply, Micro Derma Needling stimulates collagen elastin production. It is the controlled stimulation of the skin’s ability to self-repair. The thousands of micro ‘channels’ created in the skin trigger new collagen production and allow any products applied to penetrate deep into the skin and heal the skin further.

Natural serums, oils and preparations (I am a fan of significant fan concentrations like Hyaluronic Acid) are applied immediately after Micro Derma Needling. Once applied, the products would enter far deeper into the skin than they would without the skin needling. The skincare products will significantly aid the treatment’s success as the skin’s ability to soak up nutrients increases by whooping 3000% for an hour after the treatment!!

● Facial Rejuvenation
● Acne and acne scarring
● Surgical scarring
● Stretch Marks
● Hyper pigmentation 
● Alopecia (hair loss)

Some clients feel a slight sensation during the treatment. Similar to an elastic band slightly tapping against your skin.
The downtime is very minimal, and you can usually return to your regular activity within 24hrs. You may experience some redness (Slight sunburn appearance) for up to 12 to 48hrs after treatment. There are usually no significant side effects to this treatment.

Many patients will start to notice improvement after the first treatment. More significant results will start to show after the 2nd and 3rd treatments, but results may vary for each patient. Treatments are spaced 5-6 weeks apart due to the time it takes for collagen remodelling; you will continue to notice results over the next 6 to 12 months. Home care needling is also advised as a booster to continue the cellular action of your salon treatment.
Micro Derma Needling combined with other treatments such as Red LED light, MicroCurrent and Cellvite lift. However, these treatments should be done at least 2-3 days after Micro derma needling.
During your consultation with your Beauty Consultant, they will determine if this will be a good fit for your personal aesthetic goals.

1. Better the tone and volume of the skin
2. Refined fine lines and wrinkles
3. Improved uneven skin colour
4. Enhancing sun damage,
5. Boosting the appearance of facial redness (Rosacea)
6. Reduction in the formation of pigmentation,
7. Skin appears more luminous, brighter and smoother
8. The results continue to improve long after the treatment, as Micro Derma Needling stimulates your natural collagen and elastin to rebuild and rejuvenate the skin.

Clients who:
● Fresh sunburn
● Recent sun exposure or sunbed
● Fake tan on the treatment area
● Pregnancy
● History of seizures
● Diabetic
● Severe dermatitis or eczema (within the treatment area)
● Active infections
● Roaccutane (oral acne medication) use in the last six months
● Herpes 1 or 2 (within the treatment area) If you have a history of herpes close to the treated area, we recommend taking antiviral medication before the treatment.
● Very dark skin
● Use of Photo sensitising medications
● If put on a course of antibiotics (during your time of treatments), please contact the clinic before treatment.

It is vital to protect your skin from direct sun exposure over the series of your treatments, and it is our recommendation to use an spf30 broad-spectrum sunblock. Avoid Sunbeds and Sunbathing. Performing micro derma needling all year as part of your beauty regime as long as you are not planning to be in total sun exposure immediately following treatment.

1. Hot showers, hot baths and saunas are to be avoided for 24 hours. Also anything that generates heat in the skin should as exercise, cooking over a high heat, etc.
2. No make up may be applied for 48 hours after your treatment.
3. Sun block may not be used for 48 hours after your treatment
4. Cold packs or our Dr Schwab Seaweed mask may be used to ease temporary discomfort.
5. If there is direct sun exposure there are certain complications that may occur that should be discussed fully.
6. A good skin care regime as discussed with your therapist is necessary between treatments this will also greater the effects of the treatment.

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