MicroCurrent Facial

Whilst MicroCurrent Facials is not by any means a new technology. It has been around for many years. Used by the medical profession for pain relief and the treatment of paralysis (Bells Palsy).

It uses low voltage electricity to stimulate “Workout” muscles of the face.

Benefits of Microcurrent Facial

This electrical stimulation of the muscle also brings amazing benefits for skin cell health. This Stimulation gives clarity and radiance to the skin.

Increased Blood Flow

bringing fresh oxygenated blood full of nutrients to the skin cells

Increased Cell Production

Aids in cellular turnover


Improves cell metabolism

Removal of Waste

Aids the removal of cellular waste from the skin cell to the lymphatic system

The MicroCurrent Facial added benefits are tightening, smoothing the muscles and connective tissues in the face, which result in smoother wrinkle-free skin.

While Microcurrent is minimally invasive there are some people who will not be suitable for this treatment

As a result, people with Pacemakers, Metal implants, Open wounds, Botox (forehead or eye area), Severe acne, or Pregnant are not Suitable for MicroCurrent.

We recommend a weekly treatment plan of 4-6 sessions for the client who wants to fast track her results. A maintenance plan of monthly sessions is then recommended for long-lasting skin health. 

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