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Jackie O’Brien has years of experience in the beauty industry. Now launching her new blog the Skin Whisperer. She tell us all about how to manage skin care.

“Skin has a language of its own.  It is communicating with us every day. My job is to interpret that language and translate for the client. I know that sounds a little crazy but it is as simple as that” My career challenges me and I love bringing my clients on a journey to get the best possible results for them. Skin health is so important for how the skin behaves on a daily basis and also how it matures”

Electrolysis Body Connection


There are many options for hair Removal. How do you know which one is the right one for you? Choose from IPL, Electrolysis & Waxing. Hair Growth happens in three phases Anagen, Catagan and Telogen. These phases of hair growth are important to the successful outcome of the clients treatment they choose.

Micro Derma Needling

Your Skin & The Sun

Gives considerably younger looking skin without paying thousands for a face lift!”! It stimulates natural Collagen Induction which breaks up the old collagen strands and stimulates new ones


Loved around the world

“Thank you for my amazing HydraFacial, felt like
a new woman. Will be back again soon.”
Emma Bunton, Musician, TV presenter and DJ

Puff Eyes - An Eye opening experience

An Eye Opening Experience

Puffiness and Dark Circles are the two most common problems that clients ask me about. They share similarities but are very different in how we

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Your Eyes Our Focus

At first glance of a human face we can be quick to think that someone with dark circles must have a problem with sleeping or

Tips for Beautiful Eyes

Go Easy on Salt! We all know that salt retains fluid. It’s not only the salt we sprinkle on our food though.  Salt is cleverly

“Age Prevention Lovers”

Welcome to the exclusive club of the APL’s Why We Age & Why we Don’t have to ! For those of you who are wise

Collagen Peptide Facial

Collagen Peptide Facial “A hydrated Skin is A Happy Skin”   Keeping Your Skin Hydrated is the foundation of good skin health and hydration is

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