What is Tri-Active Facial

The Tri-Active Advanced Facial” combines 3 powerful technologies in one unique treatment. The skin is prepared with our pumpkin enzymatic peel followed by a deeply hydrating collagen peptide treatment.  Our “NEW” Acupressure mask is then used to perform acupressure massage to the face using the small inner protrusions of the mask. The action of this mask allows for increased circulation, improved lymphatic drainage which maximises the penetration of active ingredients during your facial treatment.  Your treatment is then completed with a deep heat massage and our anti aging Red LED light.

Tri Active Facial

Stimulate collagen

This Facial Stimulates collagen production leaving the skin felling young and fresh. Our “NEW” Acupressure mask is then used to perform acupressure massage to the face using the small inner protrusions of the mask. 


10 Ways to Reduce Premature Aging Skin

Everyone’s skin ages, which is why the skin of a young child and the skin of a 90 year old woman looks very different. What are you doing today that is making a difference to how your will look in 5, 10, 15 years time?

The best anti-aging Tip is age prevention..!!

Don't Wait!!

Don’t wait until you see the signs of aging in your skin. Your skin is aging every day. Take action now!  If you are not already on a great skin care programme you need to start. Cleansing every night and applying a good serum and antioxidant rich moisturiser is a fantastic way to slow down the aging process. A moisturiser  acts like a drink of water for your skin.

Protect! Protect! Protect!

Protection: Every time we go outside our skin is bombarded with UV rays. The rays that are responsible for 80% of aging in our skin are the UVA rays. These rays are present even on a cold winter’s day as much as a bright summer’s day.

Right Ingredients

Make sure you are using products not only for your chronological age but also for your unique skin concern of the day. Just because your friend is using a serum and she loves it does not mean that it is suitable for your skin. Different ages require different active ingredients.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Keep the Skin Hydrated: The skin requires hydration to perform all its internal functions. Without hydration the cells become less able to perform the actions required to keep the skin cells healthy and functioning. Hydration not only encompasses drinking water but also using hydrating serums and creams to protect your skin from losing moisture.

Omega 3

Supplements are an important addition to keeping our bodies supported. Vit A,C and E are powerful antioxidants and we do not always get enough in our diet. For smokers it is especially important to take supplements to counteract the negative effects that smoking causes to our skin cells. Omega 3 is also an important supplement that keeps the membrane of our skin cell healthy.

Stress Release

Managing your stress goes a long way in the prevention of premature aging. Stress releases a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol creates many negative effects in the body one of them being the breakdown of collagen.  Do something you enjoy that helps you relax. Go for a walk,  practice mindfulness,  just  take time to be with yourself and honour your space.

Right Food

Eat Vitamin rich foods; you’ve no doubt heard the saying “You are what you eat” When it comes to how the skin ages this is especially true. Foods for good skin health include green tea, olive oil, avocados, salmon, flax seeds, fruit s and vegetables are a few to mention. Sugar has been proven to have the most damaging effect on the skin health and premature aging !


Exercise is a great way to keep our skin young. When we exercise we increase our circulation and stimulate blood flow to the skin cells. This increased blood flow brings fresh oxygenated blood full which is full of nutrients to the skin cells.

Suitable Skin Care Range

Make sure you are using products that are suitable for your individual unique skin type.

Take Care of You!

Be grateful every day for the beautiful person you are. How we treat ourselves impacts on our mental health and filters down to what we see when we look in the mirror.  As we age visual changes are inevitable. Embrace them and know that they are part of the uniqueness that is you.

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